She Brushed Her Daughter’s Friend’s Matted Hair, And Now This Girl’s Dad Is Furious

Tierney - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’re a parent, was there ever a child at your kid’s school that you wanted to help or noticed was struggling?

One woman recently brushed out her daughter’s friend’s hair after she noticed it was matted and bothering her. Now, the friend’s father is threatening to sue her over it.

She has a daughter who is friends with and goes to school with a 13-year-old girl. Her daughter’s friend has been through the wringer, as she has some health issues and lost her mom at a young age, so it was just her and her dad for a long time.

Recently, her daughter’s friend’s dad started dating a new woman, and she’s noticed that his daughter’s well-being has been cast aside ever since. This was proven when her daughter’s friend began walking around with extremely matted hair.

“[Her] hair has been extremely matted as it had not been brushed for months,” she explained.

“[She] had been hiding her hair under hats and hoods at home and trying to disguise it at school in buns. She stayed over on the weekend, and I only found out about her hair when they came downstairs after getting a comb stuck in [her] hair [after] trying to fix it. I comforted [her] as she was ashamed about her hair but had hoped that she and my daughter could fix it.”

Her daughter’s friend eventually confided in her that she didn’t like her hair and needed her help to fix it. So, while she was over at her house, she helped her daughter’s friend detangle and smooth out her hair. She sat the girls in front of a few movies and got to work. 

It took a few hours, but by the time she finished the girl’s hair, it looked great. She brushed it out and put it into Dutch braids. Her daughter’s friend thanked her for her help and went home very happy.

Just when she thought everything was all good, she got a very angry call from the girl’s dad’s girlfriend, who angrily told her that she had booked a salon trip to fix the girl’s hair and had to cancel it.

Tierney – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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