She Didn’t Want To Give Her Niece Money To Buy A Christmas Gift For Her Mother This Year Because Her Niece’s Mom Is Flakey And Never Actually Shows Up For Visitation

dikushin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Since March of 2020, this 41-year-old woman has been raising her niece, 13, and nephew, 11.

Before this, her brother had had full custody of his children, but he tragically passed away suddenly from a heart attack.

In the years before he died, her brother made it clear that if he ever passed away or became very ill at a young age, he wanted her to be the one to raise his children.

About eight or 9 years ago, the mother of her brother’s children left them, so he went to court and was awarded full custody.

“She is trash, and that is putting it nicely. I’ll give her credit that when she found out about his death, she was very supportive of me gaining custody and raising the kids because she was too lazy/selfish to do so herself,” she said.

While she obviously adores her niece and nephew, they have suffered from a lot of trauma and demand her focus constantly.

Understandably, taking care of her brother’s children is exhausting, but she is dedicated to her role as their caregiver.

According to the custody agreement, her niece and nephew’s mother receives four hours of visitation each weekend.

Plus, their mother is required to pay her $400 per month in child support.

dikushin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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