She Dined At Disney World’s Most Expensive Restaurant And Wound Up Spending Close To $2,500 On One Meal For Four People

Bethany and her table also decided to order the wine pairings that go with the chef’s menu, which added up to $200 a person for eight pours of wine. If they had chosen the dining room menu wine pairings, it would have been $150 per person.

“In total, for the four of us, on food, we spent $1,500,” says Bethany.

“Our wine pairings were $800, and tax on that was $149.50, bringing our grand total to $2,449.50 before tip.”

Bethany acknowledges that her dinner at Victoria & Albert’s was a “huge splurge,” but it was a big deal for a Disney food enthusiast like her.

In her video, where she reviews her meal at the expensive restaurant, she says it was well worth the price.

If you’re a Disney World fan, would you consider splurging at Victoria & Albert’s?


Replying to @Arollin87 This is exactly how much it costs to dine at the most expensive restaurant in Disney World? ? Would you spend this much on dinner? #disneyworld #disneyfoodie #victoriaandalberts #wdw #grandfloridian #foodreview

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