She Doesn’t Want To Force Her Stepdaughter To Meet Up With Her Birth Mother, Who Has Been An Absent Parent For Years, But Her Husband Has A Different Opinion

Natalia Chircova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 30-year-old woman has known her stepdaughter since she was 5 years old. Now, her stepdaughter is about to turn 13.

“She calls me ‘Mommy’ and introduces me as her ‘mom’ to her friends,” she said. On the other hand, her stepdaughter’s birth mother lives overseas and hardly ever talks to her.

In the past, her stepdaughter’s birth mother and her stepdaughter weren’t in communication for two years because her birth mother never called.

The last time her stepdaughter’s birth mother came to visit was in 2019, when she spent one week seeing her daughter and one week with friends in the area.

“In short, she’s an absentee. My stepdaughter opened up to me, saying she doesn’t want to communicate with her birth mother because she feels like she’s a stranger to her,” she explained.

“Three months ago, I helped my stepdaughter to open up to her birth mother about what she feels, and that’s going to help improve their relationship if the birth mother is aware of what’s going on.”

For about a week or so, her birth mother was responsive, but after that, she didn’t answer for three months.

The next time her birth mother reached out, she told her that she was flying back for a visit and asked if she wanted to get together.

She and her partner asked her stepdaughter what her thoughts were about the idea, and she said she didn’t want to see her birth mother while she was in the country visiting.

Natalia Chircova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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