She Finally Snapped And Made Fun Of Her Brother-In-Law For Being Poor Because He Kept Insulting Her Husband At A Family Dinner

Each week, she gets together with her sister’s family, but this week, she hasn’t seen them. So, she invited their family over to have dinner.

Even though she normally wouldn’t want to have been around her sister’s husband, they are usually able to get through a dinner without an argument.

During dinner, she let her sister know that this month, she would be giving them $1,000, which was less than what she usually gave them, adding that it was because she was using the other portion of the money to keep for themselves.

While her sister wasn’t happy about this update, she accepted it. Her brother-in-law, however, did not.

“He thinks I am wrong for not giving it to them when they desperately need money and instead using it for unnecessary stuff,” she explained.

“He went as far as giving his ‘opinion and advice’ (AKA, insulting my husband) and saying that it’s sad that all I can afford is to marry a garbage man who was a truck driver, saying, ‘Imagine the kind of language he’d be using,’ and other very insulting things.”

Unlike her brother-in-law, Danny is polite, has respect for others and an open mind, and is intelligent, nice, giving, modest, and not at all conceited. Plus, Danny is good-looking.

“I got made and made fun of him for being poor and said that I’d pray for them to survive a month with their half-dozen kids without my leftovers,” she shared.

At the time, her sister and brother-in-law’s children were within earshot and caught what she told their father.

She acknowledged that some people may view the situation as her rubbing her financial success in her sister’s face or putting her sister down.

Admittedly, this could be interpreted as her stooping to her brother-in-law’s level.

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