She Forced Her Husband To Replace An Expensive Hearing Aid After He Messed With Hers And Broke It, But He Just Accused Her Of Being Unfair

“So I told him he had to buy me a new hearing aid because mine was very expensive, and I couldn’t afford another one,” she revealed.

Apparently, this took her husband by surprise, too. He told her that he’d been saving up money to fix his car and accused her of being unfair for expecting him to replace the hearing aid. He also thought that they could just find a different solution.

She refused to budge, though, and pointed out how since it was her husband who was responsible for breaking her hearing aid, he needed to “face the consequences” and replace it.

This ultimately caused a pretty large argument between them. But eventually, her husband did hand over the funds for her to purchase a new hearing aid.

Still, he’s continued acting resentful toward her, and now, she is starting to feel a little guilty about taking his money.

“But, at the same time, I believe he was irresponsible with my device and should take responsibility for what he did,” she vented.

So, she’s now been left wondering if forcing her husband to pay for her new hearing aid after the accident was really so unreasonable or not.

Do you agree that since it was her husband’s fault, he should be expected to replace the device? Why do you think he views that as unfair? What would you have done in her shoes?

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