She Got Called An “Entitled Young Lady” After Asking A Man To Switch Plane Seats With Her So She Could Sit Next To Her Husband

Sergey Novikov - - illustrative purposes only

For Thanksgiving several weeks ago, this 23-year-old woman and her husband, also 23, were taking a flight to visit her parents.

They were greatly appreciative of her parents for buying their airline tickets for them. However, the tickets her parents booked were for seats in Basic Economy, which meant that they weren’t able to choose where to sit.

During check-in, they realized that she would be in a window seat in the last row while her husband had a middle seat several rows ahead of her.

This was disappointing but not the worst thing in the world. After boarding the plane, she saw a man next to her in the middle seat, and he seemed to be flying by himself.

“Because of this, I leaned over and asked him if he would be willing to trade his back-row middle seat for the middle seat my husband was currently in, a few rows in front of us,” she said.

“He was very kind and agreed to do so, even saying he was glad I asked because he’d be able to recline his seat!”

The man stood up and took her husband’s seat, and her husband moved to be in the middle seat so that he was in the same row she was in. Once the plane took off, their flight went smoothly.

“However, after we had landed and were starting to deplane, another man who was in the aisle seat in my row (next to my husband) looked over at me and said, ‘You really had some nerve asking that man to leave his seat! He paid for that seat! I wouldn’t have moved,'” she explained.

She was stunned because this man hadn’t said a word about this until the plane had already landed.

Sergey Novikov – – illustrative purposes only

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