She Got Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Her Scented Candles

Additionally, she had blurry/double vision, chest pain, shortness of breath, and headache, along with feeling dizzy, dehydrated, and confused.

At the hospital, she discovered that her blood pressure was extremely high. Once she told the medics about the candles and how long she had them lit, they informed her that she had gotten carbon monoxide poisoning.

So, she was hooked up to an oxygen machine for a few hours until her symptoms went away. After getting some fresh air, she was back to normal.

“Moral of the story, I will never be using scented candles ever,” stated Emy. She concluded her video by encouraging viewers to prioritize their health and take care of themselves.

In the comments section, many people offered advice on how to enjoy scented candles safely and lower the risk of breathing in toxic chemicals.

“Always blow out the candles with the lid so the fumes don’t linger,” instructed one person.

“Just don’t burn candles for more than 2 hours because the flame lowers oxygen levels, especially if your door is closed! Or keep the door open,” cautioned another.

“Put the scented candles on a wax warmer! So it’ll melt the wax without a flame,” suggested a third.


never buying a candle EVER again

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