She Got Into An Argument With Her Husband After He Ate Her Son’s Special Japanese Food

VICUSCHKA - - illustrative purposes only

Have you ever spent a lot of money or put a lot of effort into acquiring or making a special meal only to have someone else eat it all without permission?

One woman recently got into a big argument with her husband, who ate her son’s special noodles that were sent to him from his dad in Japan. 

She’s 30 and has a 13-year-old son named Colby from her previous marriage and a nine-year-old daughter with her current husband. 

Colby’s biological dad lives in Japan, and they still have a close relationship. After visiting his dad a few times, Colby fell in love with Japanese culture and recently convinced her to let him live with his dad in Japan for a year.

Colby got back in August, and one of the things he’s really missing about his time in Japan is the cuisine.

“While my son wouldn’t complain about anything I put in front of him, he did make a few comments about missing Japanese dishes,” she explained.

“So I went through a few websites, got a hold of his dad, and I was able to get some of the ingredients and recipes shipped out to me. His favorite one is some type of noodles with a dark brown spicy sauce.”

Colby’s father sent over four packages of the noodles and the sauce while she went out and bought the fresh ingredients needed to complete the dish. After they came in the other day, her daughter asked Colby if she could have some of his noodles. 

She and Colby were against that idea, as her daughter had tried the noodles in the past, thought they were too spicy, and ended up throwing them away. After Colby reminded her that she didn’t like the noodles and didn’t give her any, her husband chimed in and said he should give her some, and there was “no reason” why he couldn’t share them.

VICUSCHKA – – illustrative purposes only

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