She Had A Baby At 15, And She’s Sharing Why You Should Never Be A Teen Mom

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It’s no secret that parenting is challenging. It’s especially challenging and difficult if you become a parent when you’re a teenager.

One TikTok user made a viral video this fall about the struggles she faces as a teen mom and tells her viewers they should not have children during their teenage years.

If you need more reminders as to why you shouldn’t choose to have a baby while you’re still a teenager, Saffron (@saffron970), a teen mom from the UK, has given us some.

Saffron became pregnant with her daughter Ivy just before her 15th birthday. Today, Ivy is a little over a year old and lives with her at her parents’ house. Since becoming a teen mom, she’s been posting a lot of content on TikTok to give viewers a realistic look into what life is like as a young mother.

A video she posted in September, which has reached over 115,000 likes, lists many reasons why Saffron believes teenagers should choose not to become parents at such a young age.

Before listing her reasons, Saffron states that she loves her daughter and does not regret having her. However, she says that being a mom in general is very hard, and it’s even harder when you’re so young.

Saffron explains that to finish school, she had to take her GCSEs, which is equivalent to getting a GED in the United States. She had to do this before Ivy turned one year old. She says it was “not fun” trying to complete her GCSEs on so little sleep.

Another major reason Saffron says teenagers shouldn’t become parents is that she hardly gets to go out and see her friends like most teenagers do.

“I go out every single day,” she says.

Prostock-studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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