She Hired A House Cleaner Who Charged About $25 An Hour, But Then They Randomly Increased Their Price To $100 An Hour Without Informing Her First - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A few weeks ago, during the week of Thanksgiving, this woman and her husband decided to hire a house cleaner– who originally claimed to charge between $25 and $30 an hour.

They were fine with that, too, and after their house was cleaned, she and her husband were charged $60 for the two hours of work.

So, she and her husband decided to hire the house cleaner again. But, when the woman showed up just yesterday, she arrived with other cleaners. Pricing also was not discussed with her or her husband prior to starting the cleaning job.

Yet, once the house cleaner was done, she received a text about how the woman was upping prices– planning to charge $100 per hour moving forward.

“The house cleaner also said that, for today, she needed to be paid $100 for two hours of work, which is double an hour what she quoted me the first time she cleaned,” she revealed.

Now, for some context, her house is quite tiny. It’s only 752 square feet downstairs, and they only have two bedrooms and one small bathroom.

Not to mention, cleaning the bedrooms is not even included in the house cleaner’s price.

“And the house cleaner has also left caked dirt on the kitchen floor the past two cleanings instead of bending down and scraping it off the floor or using our steam mop, which loosens it up very easily,” she explained.

Apparently, the dried dirt was from when her husband walked in with his shoes on during a rainy day. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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