She Humiliated Her Mother-In-Law And Called Her Out For Not Being A Nice Person During A Family Dinner, And She Refuses To Apologize

Seventyfour - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Several weeks ago, this woman was at a family dinner when her mother-in-law was discussing how her friend, Lily, had been distancing herself from her and the rest of their friend group after beginning therapy.

While talking about this, her mother-in-law expressed how baffled and sad Lily’s actions made her feel, adding that she was the one whom Lily was distancing herself from the most, and she couldn’t comprehend why this was.

Her mother-in-law continued, naming several traits about herself to illustrate why it didn’t make sense to her that Lily wouldn’t communicate with her that much anymore. However, she didn’t think the traits her mother-in-law listed about herself were accurate descriptors.

“My mother-in-law would say things like, ‘I’m a great listener,’ then stare at us all until we agreed. She called herself a nice person, and I couldn’t hold in my laughter. I wasn’t the only one who laughed, by the way. My sister-in-law laughed, too,” she said.

Apparently, her mother-in-law hadn’t predicted anyone would react this way, so she asked her why she was laughing at this.

In response, she decided to be honest, pointing out that it wasn’t true that she was a nice person. Her mother-in-law questioned what she’d done to her that would make her feel like she wasn’t nice.

Before speaking, she took a few sips of juice, and then she recalled several things that her mother-in-law did and said about her that were mean.

As she listed all of these incidents, her mother-in-law protested and argued about every single one, claiming she hadn’t done or said any of the things she was claiming or pointing out that she’d said sorry if there was truth to some of the stories. Her mother-in-law also told her she had to move on from her past behavior.

“So, I decided to bring up the elephant in the room: Her using her influence over my husband’s job and threatening to sell our house to force us into spending the holidays doing what she wants,” she explained.

Seventyfour – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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