She Just Learned That Her Boyfriend Slept With His Roommate, And This Makes Her Uneasy

Guys Who Shoot - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Six months back, this 21-year-old girl started dating her 22-year-old boyfriend Marco, and early into their relationship, he mentioned he had two female roommates.

Marco’s roommates are Elsa and Anna, and they’re girls he knows from his hometown. Anna not only happens to be her boyfriend’s roommate, but she’s also his best friend.

“The first time I went to my BF’s place, I found the relationship between him and his roomies quite weird, but I didn’t dig into it too much,” she explained.

“The first time I met Anna, I introduced myself, naturally, and her response was simply “I know.” I even had to ask her to introduce herself. Every time I tried to start a conversation with her, her response would be, “I know, everything you tell Marco, he tells me.”

This definitely made her uncomfortable, and she decided to tell Marco about that later on in the evening.

Since then, she has not encountered Anna that much, so she has tried to not think about the friendship Marco has with Anna.

That all changed a few days ago when she was talking to one of her classmates about their respective boyfriends.

Her classmate stated that she was anxious that her boyfriend was about to move in with two female roommates, and she tried to make her feel better by saying Marco already lives with two girls, and it’s completely alright.

Her classmate tried to ask her some more questions, and it dawned on her that she really knew nothing about the friendship Marco and Anna possessed.

Guys Who Shoot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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