She Kicked Her Friend Out During A Holiday Gathering Because They Fed Her Dog Fast Food, Even Though The Pup Was In The Midst Of An Eight-Week Allergy Trial

Sergii - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

When you’re around a sweet, lovable dog, it can be hard to resist the urge to feed them a treat for being so cute. However, many people should realize that feeding someone’s dog without permission, especially feeding them something that isn’t dog food, can be dangerous and should be avoided. 

One woman recently had to kick a friend out of her house during a holiday gathering because she fed her dog some fast food while she was in the middle of an eight-week allergy trial. 

She’s 28-years-old and rescued a relative’s dog as soon as she got her own place. Her relative’s dog needed a new home and was going through a lot. She was 13-years-old, deaf, and needed a lot of attention. 

However, she loves her dog so much and says she’s changed her life.  Unfortunately, her dog has been having some allergic reactions, and her vet is trying to pinpoint what she’s allergic to.

“It manifests in dry, flaky skin that she will itch hard enough to bleed,” she explained.

“We’re trying a food allergy trial. This means she is on a very specific diet of a prescription dry food until a trial period of eight to nine weeks is over.”

“If she does get something off-menu, we have to start the trial period over. Most of my friends know this because I always complain [about] how expensive the food is.”

Recently, she had a few of her close friends over at her place for a holiday party. They decided to go in on a big fast food order as their food for the evening, and throughout the night, she indicated to her friends that her dog couldn’t have anything.

In front of all her friends, while they waited for their food to arrive, she’d point to her dog and say, “None of it’s for you, young lady!”

Sergii – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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