She Kicked Her Friend Out During A Holiday Gathering Because They Fed Her Dog Fast Food, Even Though The Pup Was In The Midst Of An Eight-Week Allergy Trial

“This was a thinly veiled reminder for everyone else, too,” she said. “The food comes, and we’re all having a good time. I step away to find my friend dropping a piece of fish filet for my dog to gobble up in the kitchen. I [freaked] out and [asked] her what she was doing.”

Her dog began pawing at her friend for another piece of the fish fillet, and her friend went ahead and gave her one, claiming a little fish “couldn’t hurt.”

“I’ll admit it, I kind of lost it,” she recalled. “We were six weeks into the trial, and now I would have to start all over, buying so much more expensive food. I’m sure I yelled and [cursed] at her. I don’t really remember; I saw red.”

She apologized to her friends, telling them she was too angry and upset to host a party, and asked them to leave. She told them not to worry about paying her back for the food and told them to take the remaining food with them.

The next day, she apologized to the friend she yelled at. Her friend seemed very hurt and told her she had “forgotten” about her dog’s food allergy trial and, in that moment, didn’t see any harm in feeding her some of the fish fillet.

Thankfully, her dog doesn’t seem allergic to fish, and she’s on a medication that prevents any extreme allergic reactions to foods that aren’t included in her trial.

Now, her friends are split down the middle after the party. Some think she was rude to end the party early and overreacted over a piece of fish, while others believe she was justified in ending the party.

Was she too harsh with her friends, or was her outburst valid?

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