She Let Her Niece Watch Her Dogs, But Now Her Other Niece Is Jealous, Even Though She’s Allergic

Georgii - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dogs

One of the hard parts about having kids or constantly being around kids is teaching them that not everything can be made “fair.”

One woman has been offering dog-sitting gigs to her niece but not her other niece because she’s allergic to dogs. Now, the other niece is jealous that she hasn’t been offered a job.

She’s 29-years-old and lives with her husband and their two dogs. She lives only 20 minutes from her childhood home, where her parents live with her two 16-year-old nieces, Sally and Emma. Because of complications with their parents, Sally and Emma have been living with their grandparents for a while now.

Every holiday season, she and her husband go to her parent’s home for Thanksgiving and then travel to be with his family for the other holidays in December. They don’t bring their dogs when they travel to his family’s home.

“Ever since the girls moved in with my parents, I offered them the chance to pet sit my dogs for my husband and me,” she said.

“They would need to take them on walks and feed them and all that. We offered a rather generous pay for the job. Sally is allergic to dogs, while Emma is not. Emma took the job and did well and has been our December pet sitter for a couple of years now as well as the occasional shorter-term sitter another part of the year.”

A few days ago, she visited her parents and nieces at their house to ask if Emma would dog sit again this year when she noticed that Sally seemed upset. Sally admitted she was upset that Emma had a guaranteed dog-sitting job every year that paid well while she didn’t have the same security.

“Sally said I should get her a job, too, to be fair,” she recalled.

“I told her I don’t create jobs just to hire people for them. The jobs were just there, needing to be done, and it is unfortunate but not my fault that she’s not qualified for a job I am in need of. Sally said an allergy is not something she can control, and Emma shouldn’t get to reap the benefits, and it’s not fair.”

Georgii – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dogs

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