She Lost Her Engagement Ring Somewhere In Her Friend’s House, But She Won’t Let Her Search For It

Vladimir Borovic - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Back in 2019, this 30-year-old woman met her 27-year-old friend named Amy at work, though it’s not somewhere they still are.

They became fast friends and started doing absolutely everything together. When she and Amy left their jobs, it put some distance between them. While they were still great friends, they simply no longer saw one another every single day.

“Every now and again, Amy would call me up to recruit me to help her with a party or some chore she had to do,” she explained.

“I always jumped to do it because I like her. I love helping my friends and being that person they can rely on when they need something.”

In October, she got married to her husband. He has said all along he believes Amy takes advantage of her.

He has also expressed that if she ever were to ask Amy to help her, he knew Amy would not reciprocate.

She knows her husband is most likely spot on about his observations of Amy. Amy is super sweet, but she’s “chaotic” and “scatterbrained,” as well as unaware often in social settings.

Amy has a lot of problems, so she gives her the benefit of the doubt. But then, her best friends started drawing the same negative conclusions about Amy that her husband put together.

When she had her bachelorette party, she asked Amy to assist her with the decorations, since Amy has a huge collection of decor and party supplies.

Vladimir Borovic – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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