She Made Her Husband Drive Himself To The Emergency Room Because When She Was Seriously Sick, He Wouldn’t Take Her And She Was Forced To Go Alone

Marco - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Yesterday, this woman picked up her son from school, and when they arrived home, she saw that her husband, Zach, was wincing in pain.

He told her that while he was working at his desk, he turned his body to this side while still sitting in order to grab something, and as he did so, he felt a horrible shooting pain all of a sudden.

She advised that he call a doctor or chiropractor right away, and he said that he would consider that idea as he walked upstairs.

In the meantime, she cooked dinner and took care of their son. Later, her husband walked downstairs and asked if she could help him apply some cream for pain relief, and she helped him with that.

Eventually, Zach began to pace around, thinking out loud about what could be going on.

He said that it was possible that it wasn’t muscle pain and maybe it was related to something going wrong with his kidney.

In response, she pointed out that his kidney was located higher up from where the pain was coming from.

When she pressed on the spot where his kidney was and asked him if it hurt, he said it didn’t. However, he continued discussing the idea that the pain was kidney-related.

“I took a deep breath and explained, ‘Are you blinded with pain? Do you have the chills? Do you feel like you cannot sit, stand, or move and urgently need medical help? Because that’s a kidney issue. I would know. I’ve had multiple kidney infections and kidney stones,'” she said.

Marco – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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