She Planned To Bring Her Mom To Her Friend’s Destination Wedding, But She Was Uninvited When Her Friend Found Out

Irina - - illustrative purposes only

Have you ever heard of brides getting possessive over their wedding venues or destination wedding locations? Almost to the point where they get envious when someone else tries to do something in that spot?

One woman’s friend recently got mad at her after she invited her mom to join her and stay at the same resort with her for her friend’s destination wedding, even though she won’t be attending the wedding.

She’s 28 and has a 30-year-old friend named Ruth. They’ve been friends for eight years and met in medical school. A few years ago, she moved to a different state for her residency and to be closer to family, but she remained friends with Ruth.

Ruth has been engaged for two years and will be getting married in the Dominican Republic at an all-inclusive resort. 

“I am attending as a guest, not [as a member of the] bridal party, and received my RSVP last month,” she explained.

“I had mentioned the wedding to my mother, who expressed the desire to also come with me. In the moment, I told her that I didn’t feel comfortable asking Ruth for a plus-one since it’s Ruth’s wedding. But my mom said she only wanted to go to the resort and would do her own thing the day of the wedding [and] we’d have time to do stuff on other days.”

Her mom offered to pay for the trip but hadn’t confirmed whether or not she could go yet. She had plans to book their spaces in the resort sometime in December. Last week, before she had booked her room at the resort, Ruth reached out to her and asked if she had plans to book a room with another one of their single friends.

“I told her that I was planning to book everything in the next few weeks, as I was waiting to confirm if my mom still wanted to go to the resort but would not be attending the wedding festivities,” she recalled.

“Ruth then said that I should have asked her if I could bring my mom to her wedding. I reiterated that my mom would not be attending any of the wedding festivities, [she’d] just [stay at] the resort.”

Irina – – illustrative purposes only

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