She Realized That She’d Never Seen Her Boyfriend Take A Shower, And He Finally Admitted That He Didn’t

contrastwerkstatt - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Among the long list of relationship troubles that may occur, bad hygiene is one of them. It might seem like a superficial thing, especially when everything else in the relationship is going well.

However, it’s a concern worth addressing because it can impact your physical connection. A 24-year-old woman named Kirsten (@lil_tachy) is on TikTok, and she’s dishing about how her now ex-boyfriend never showered.

So, the boyfriend had been living with Kirsten and her best friend for a while before they got their own place. One day, her best friend asked her if her boyfriend even showered at all. She pointed out that she had never seen signs of him using the shower during the whole time they had been living together.

At first, Kirsten was confused, but when she thought about it some more, she realized her best friend was right. This prompted her to question her boyfriend about his hygiene habits.

“Wild concept, by the way, to have to ask your significant other when they bathe themselves because you never see it happen,” she said.

He told her that he had a fear of people walking in on him while he was showering, so he would often shower in the middle of the night when the chances of someone barging into the bathroom were significantly reduced. After that, Kirsten didn’t think much of it and took his statement as the truth since he never really smelled bad.

However, the showering issue came up again once they had moved into a new place without roommates.

At one point, their bathtub drain became clogged, which caused the water to pool up every time she showered. Since she had been working twelve-hour shifts, she was too exhausted to deal with the problem, and her boyfriend wasn’t trying very hard to solve it.

But then, she realized that the towels were only moving when she showered. Additionally, none of his soap or other bath products seemed to have budged for months.

contrastwerkstatt – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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