She Received A Really Creepy Email From An Anonymous Sender Who Claimed To Be Her “Secret Admirer” And Admitted To Watching Her For A Long Time

“Now, after reading this, you will probably try to look for me every time you leave the house. Maybe see if you can spot me lurking in the shadows, gazing upon your beauty. I’m going to assure you that you will not. I have stayed hidden from you for a while, and I’m not going to reveal myself to you until I believe it’s the right time,” they wrote.

In the next paragraph, they declared that they knew she wouldn’t be able to resist sharing such “juicy content” on her social media, calling her “bewitching” but “predictable.”

They proceeded to give Sammi a backhanded compliment by saying that her only friends were her “fans” on social media but that they liked how she tended to stick to her own company. It showed that she was “truly independent.”

The sender ended the email with an ominous warning. At the same time, they reiterated their earlier point that it was unnecessary for Sammi to be scared of them.

“Please do not be alarmed by this random message. I have no intention of ever hurting you (unless you want me to); like I said, I just want to give you another unknown and unexpected experience in your life.”

“In the meantime, play this game with me, and yes, you have my permission to include all of your little fans in this game as well. However, if I feel at any time you should not share something about our game, you will not do it. Or there will be consequences,” they concluded.

To top it all off, the sender signed the letter with a winking face. Now, Sammi doesn’t know if she should feel excited or fear for her life.

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