She Recently Lost Her Mom In A Tragic Car Accident, But Now The Family Of Her Mom’s Late Best Friend Is Coming After Her For Her Inheritance

After her mom died, she inherited everything she had, including their house and whatever money she had left. Then, she found out a few days later that Ella had passed away just days before her mom entered the hospital. 

“Ella’s lawyer reached out to me, saying Ella left the house she lived in and money for my mom in her will,” she explained.

“Her children got her other properties and more money. Because my mom passed, as her next of kin, I am to inherit Ella’s house and money. Ella’s children reached out to me [and] said though I have the right to the inheritance, I should relinquish because I am almost nothing to Ella.”

Ella’s children told her they were comfortable with the idea of her mom getting Ella’s inheritance because her mom was so involved in Ella’s life, but since she wasn’t, it would be greedy of her to keep the money and house.

Looking back on her mom’s relationship with Ella, she’s sure Ella left that money to her mom so that the both of them could live happily. However, she’s wondering if it’d be terrible for her to keep the inheritance.

Would she be wrong to keep Ella’s inheritance?

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