She Returned Her Engagement Ring And Asked Her Fiancé To Choose Whether He Wanted To Continue Financially Supporting His Family Or Starting Their Own Life Together

Piman Khrutmuang - - illustrative purposes only

This 30-year-old woman is currently engaged to her fiancé, who is 32, and they both live in the Philippines. But they haven’t moved in together yet.

While she lives with her parents, her fiancé has been living with his mom. And it’s important to note that he’s the third of four siblings in his family– because, according to her, her fiancé has been bankrolling his siblings instead of prioritizing their relationship.

It all began when her fiancé’s older brother tied the knot and had a pretty tumultuous marriage due to infidelity while working abroad. So, during the COVID-19 pandemic, her fiancé’s brother moved back home, got a job earning a low wage, and started dating a new girl.

Eventually, her fiancé’s brother moved in with his new girlfriend and her family, too. Yet, this left her fiancé and her soon-to-be mother-in-law to take care of her fiancé’s brother’s children.

On top of that, another one of her fiancé’s siblings and their whole family still lives with both her fiancé and his mom.

“Relying on my fiancé and his mom despite having their own jobs,” she revealed.

Now, she admitted that she does help support her own parents, too. However, she claimed to earn $50,000 a month and worked very hard to save extra funds for her parents.

Her fiancé, on the other hand, earns less than she does. So, while he continues to financially support his family, their savings for their upcoming wedding have been negatively impacted.

However, she finally hit her tipping point more recently after her fiancé told her out of nowhere that he wanted his older brother and his brother’s new girlfriend to move in as well.

Piman Khrutmuang – – illustrative purposes only

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