She Shoved A Little Boy At A Restaurant Who Blew Out Her Birthday Candles And Tried To Eat Her Cake, But The Boy’s Mom Just Berated Her For Hurting Him

At the same time, the little boy’s mother was just sitting and watching as he kept trying to eat her food.

So, she eventually had enough, and after a few minutes, she decided to “shove” the boy away.

Well, this caused him to hit his back against one wall of the restaurant, and the boy proceeded to start screaming and crying. Then, his mother actually approached the table and started berating her for hurting the little boy!

At that point, her friends tried to step in and defend her. But the boy’s mom refused to listen and just continued yelling at her.

This understandably left her feeling really annoyed, too, and she just wanted to leave. So, she and her friends paid the bill, left the restaurant, and headed to a park, where they ate their cake in peace.

Following the whole incident, her friends also reassured her that the entire situation was not her fault in the slightest.

“But I do feel bad for shoving the boy that hard,” she vented.

So now, in the wake of her birthday, she’s been left wondering if shoving the kid after he blew out her candles and tried to eat her cake, too, was justified or just a jerky thing to do.

Why do you think the little boy’s mom just sat back and watched while he behaved like that? How else could she have handled this situation without shoving the kid? What would you have done if you were in her shoes?

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