She Snapped And Called Her Young Aunt A Failure Because Her Aunt Dropped Out Of College, Has No Job, And Expects Her Grandma To Financially Support Her

The other day, she and Kate began talking about college and how difficult it can be. She thought it would be a good time to ask Kate if she planned to return to school, and she said no.

Then, she asked Kate if she would at least go back to work, and she said no, that she doesn’t like working for other people.

When she asked Kate how she expected to make money, she said her grandma would help her pay for everything.

At that moment, she became unfiltered and said, “But you’re 21; aren’t you embarrassed that you’re turning out to be a failure?”

While she didn’t intend to be so blunt, she couldn’t stop herself from asking that question.

“I told her I was disappointed that she dropped out of college and was doing nothing with her life, and she just shrugged it off and excused herself,” she recalled.

“The walls are pretty thin, and I heard her crying in the bathroom. I barely felt bad.”

Although she realizes she was probably too harsh at that moment, she felt Kate needed to know how upset she was over her life choices.

Was she wrong to ask Kate that question, or was it something Kate needed to hear?

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