She Told Her Boyfriend That Spending Christmas With His Family Was A Big Sacrifice On Her Part

sergo321- - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

As you get older and enter a serious relationship, you have to start evaluating how you want to divide your time between each other’s families.

Couples often argue about deciding how you’ll spend big holidays with someone’s family, which can cause a lot of tension.

One woman recently argued with her boyfriend after she told him that spending Christmas with his family, who doesn’t like her, was a big sacrifice on her part. 

She’s 26-years-old and spent December 22nd through the 26th at her boyfriend Luke’s parents’ house to celebrate Christmas.

They spent the holidays with Luke’s parents and his sister’s family, and it was a pretty intense few days. Luke’s parents live in a small house with only one full bathroom, so everyone was cramped.

“Luke’s family, his mother especially, are not my biggest fans,” she explained.

“His niece and nephew are unruly [and] they eat food that I don’t. All in all, [it was] not what I would call a good time. Nevertheless, I went to Christmas at Luke’s request and tried my best to make sure I was not a burden or embarrassment to Luke while he tried to spend time with his family.”

For the rest of the holiday season, she made plans to go to her mom’s house before New Year’s Eve, which is when she and Luke will be going to her friend’s black tie party. Luke isn’t looking forward to the party because he doesn’t know any of the guests as well as she does.

“In the car on the way home, he joked that he really wasn’t looking forward to going,” she recalled.

sergo321- – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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