She Told Her Husband That She Wanted Her Thirtieth Birthday To Feel Special, But She Still Expected More From Him When The Day Came

Photo 184994972 © Anton Harets - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband have been married for three years and have a daughter, who is only 9 months old, together. Just yesterday, it was also her birthday, and she turned 30.

But when it comes to anything involving presents, like birthdays and holidays, they normally don’t make a “big fuss.” After all, they share just one joint bank account. So, it’s hard to pull off surprise purchases, which is why she and her husband usually just openly ask if there is a specific gift either of them wants.

While this is the norm in her household, though, she did admit to getting repeatedly disappointed this year on multiple large milestones.

It all began when she gave birth to her daughter, and she clearly told her husband that she would really appreciate receiving a birthing gift– otherwise known as a “push present.”

“Which is supposed to be some jewelry or something to remind you of the birth,” she noted.

Well, their daughter wound up arriving a bit earlier than anticipated, and everything was quite hectic and stressful. So, she never received her birthing gift after all.

Then came her first Mother’s Day following the arrival of her daughter, but she didn’t receive a present that day, either.

“Just some little acknowledgment, like letting me sleep in or saying, ‘Happy first Mother’s Day. You are doing great,'” she recalled.

“But the only person that said that to me on that day was my own mother. However, on my husband’s first Father’s Day, I stood up with the baby and prepared breakfast in bed for him.”

Photo 184994972 © Anton Harets – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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