She Took The Wedding Money That Her Mom Intended To Give To Her Sister Because She Loaned Her Sister Money And Never Got Paid Back - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Several months ago, this 25-year-old allowed her sister, 29, to borrow some money. Even though she earns a good living, she has a lot of monthly expenses, including a student loan.

To be able to pay her bills, she does her best not to spend too much.

“I, however, decided to give my sister what would be about six months of my pay from my savings after she had a major house accident and needed repairs done,” she said.

When her sister asked her if she could borrow some money, she was unsure if she should, but her sister assured her that she would pay her back.

This isn’t the first time her sister has asked to borrow money. Unfortunately, even when her sister promises to pay her back, she never returns the full amount back to her.

Her sister had never asked her for this much money, though, so she was understandably a bit uneasy about letting her borrow so much, given her track record.

Three months after she loaned her sister the money, she still hadn’t been paid back any of the money.

“When I confronted her about it, she told me I was cruel to ask her for money at a time when she had wedding preparations and a child to take care of,” she explained.

Her sister’s daughter is 7-years-old. After hearing this, she offered up the option of her sister giving her partial payments until she was able to finish paying her back. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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