She’s Upset That Her Boyfriend Is Only Going To His Company Party Because Of His Work Wife

He first tried to say that it was only because there was a cool prize he had the opportunity to win, but then he told her the truth: his work wife has been asking him to go to the party.

She absolutely hates the term work wife, and this female coworker of her boyfriend’s is referred to as his work wife by his whole office, which irritates her further.

She is aware that her boyfriend’s work wife has flirted with him openly, and at the time she found out, she laughed it off and left him to deal with it.

Though, not too long ago, he came home from work one day and mentioned his work wife hugged him, so she implored him to create some boundaries with this girl.

All of this just makes her feel as if things at the party could get steamy between her boyfriend and his work wife if he permits it to happen.

She’s left wondering if she’s in the wrong for being so upset that her boyfriend only wants to attend the party due to his work wife.

What do you think?

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