She Wanted To Wear Christmas Pajamas Out While Holiday Shopping With Her Boyfriend, But He Called It Disrespectful, And Ever Since, He’s Been Ragging On Her For Wearing Baggy Clothes That Don’t “Suit Her Figure”

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When your partner doesn’t like your wardrobe or makes critical comments about it, it can make you feel pretty lousy about yourself.

One woman’s boyfriend has been bugging her about her baggy wardrobe ever since she wanted to wear festive Christmas pajama pants out during holiday shopping.

She and her boyfriend are 20 and have been together for four years. The other day, they had plans to run some errands at a shopping center that’s always festively decorated for the holidays. Because of the holiday cheer, she thought wearing red flannel holiday pajama pants and a black hoodie would be cute. 

But when she showed her outfit to her boyfriend, he didn’t like it, which surprised her.

“He believes pajamas are only to be worn in the house, and to wear them in public tells the world I have no self-respect,” she said.

“I was surprised again and told him I’ve got self-respect and just thought it’d look cute. He then says it’d be disrespectful to him if I wore them out while with him.”

She tried to understand her boyfriend’s perspective and decided to change into a pair of grey sweatpants for their shopping trip. 

Then, while they were having a serious chat a few nights later, her boyfriend mentioned the pajama pants again. He pointed out how he doesn’t like that she often wears baggy clothes that don’t suit her figure.

“Lots of my casual clothes are t-shirts that are too big for me and some color of sweatpants,” she explained.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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