She Wants To Dump Her Boyfriend Because She Found Out That He Was Leaking Their Private Texts In A Group Chat And Badmouthing Her

Artem Zatsepilin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her boyfriend have been dating for six months, and they actually started off as colleagues before entering a romantic relationship.

According to her, her boyfriend was a completely different person back then, too.

“And he has definitely changed for the better,” she said.

However, she recently decided to download Discord, and some of her boyfriend’s friends invited her to join their friend group chat. She wanted to meet the rest of his friends, too, so she happily agreed.

Once she became a part of the group, she became quite close with everybody. She also put together a whole surprise, planning for her boyfriend to finally get to meet his friends in person.

But, for those who aren’t aware, you can actually “scroll up” in conversations on Discord from years ago– even if you weren’t in a chat when they were sent.

So, one day, a friend of her boyfriend’s randomly told her to scroll up through the chat and read the messages her boyfriend sent just two weeks before they started dating.

“I did, expecting him to be nice and say sweet things about how much he liked me,” she recalled.

Unfortunately, though, she found out that her boyfriend had done the complete opposite. In fact, he had taken screenshots of their private texts and sent them in the chat to all of his friends, asking rude questions like, “What is her problem?” and, “Is she really trying to flirt with me right now?”

Artem Zatsepilin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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