She Wants To Dump Her Boyfriend Because She Found Out That He Was Leaking Their Private Texts In A Group Chat And Badmouthing Her

She claims that all of those screenshots were taken out of context. Plus, she is especially upset because, at the time, she was still in a really abusive relationship.

Yet, her now-boyfriend still sent screenshots of some of the messages that she would receive from her ex.

“Basically blasting me in the group chat for ‘cheating’ on my abusive ex,” she revealed.

After finding all of this out, she was understandably hurt and confronted her boyfriend about everything that she found.

But, all her boyfriend had to say was that he “wasn’t that person anymore” and that people could “change.”

Now, she does admit that her boyfriend has definitely changed over the course of their relationship, becoming much nicer as a person.

“But at the end of the day, I feel betrayed,” she vented.

That’s why she now actually wants to break up with her boyfriend ever since finding out that he leaked their text messages to his friends. However, before she pulls the trigger, she’s not sure if that’d be the right thing to do or not.

How would you feel if you found out your partner had betrayed your trust like that? Even if her boyfriend really has changed, is that enough? What would you do in her shoes?

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