She Was Found Dead In A Flooded Waterway Within A Few Days Of Going Missing, And Investigators Are Still Trying To Connect The Dots In Her Case 23 Years Later

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Twenty-three years ago, a young woman from Arkansas was tragically found dead in a flooded waterway a few days after going missing in 2000. Today, investigators have hired a new detective for her case and are still trying to piece together what happened to her.

In 2000, Amanda Tusing was a 20-year-old woman with a bright future ahead of her. She lived in Dell, Arkansas, with her parents.

She was in the middle of wedding planning and engaged to her boyfriend, Matthew Ervin. Amanda had a dream of becoming a veterinarian. However, her life tragically ended before she could get married and pursue her dreams.

On June 14th, 2000, Amanda was visiting Matthew at his home in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Around 11:30 pm that night, she left to drive back home to her parents’ house in Dell. However, Amanda left during a heavy rainstorm.

Amanda promised Matthew she’d call him when she got home, and the drive typically took her an hour. But when 1:30 am rolled around and Matthew hadn’t heard from her, he called her parents, Ed and Susan, who informed him she hadn’t made it home.

Concerned, Matthew and Ed got in their cars and began driving along Ark 18, the road Amanda usually drove on to go back and forth from home to Matthew’s place. Eventually, Matthew spotted Amanda’s black 1991 Grand Am pulled over to the side of the road around one mile west of Monette.

He assumed her car must’ve broken down, but when he approached it, he saw that the keys were still in the ignition, yet there was no sign of Amanda. Additionally, there was no sign of struggle. Matthew then met up with Ed, and they contacted the authorities.

Over four days, authorities and volunteers began extensively searching for Amanda. Missing person flyers with her information were distributed throughout the area, and they were searching desperately for answers. Many people started to point their fingers at Matthew, who maintained his innocence in Amanda’s case.

On June 18th, four days after Amanda went missing, a couple saw something floating in a flooded waterway while driving from Jonesboro to Lester. After pulling over to inspect the object, they discovered it was a body and called the police. The floating body was Amanda’s. She had her clothes on and no obvious wounds.

Mr Twister – – illustrative purposes only

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