She Was Found Dead In A Flooded Waterway Within A Few Days Of Going Missing, And Investigators Are Still Trying To Connect The Dots In Her Case 23 Years Later

Amanda’s body was found around 12 miles away from where her car had been parked. Suddenly, her missing person investigation had become a murder investigation.

The autopsy had investigators stumped, as there were no signs of trauma to her body other than a small abrasion on the back of her head.

Authorities looked through every bit of evidence they could find, but Amanda’s death has remained quite mysterious.

Her case went cold for a while, but in June 2023, a new full-time detective was assigned to it, and investigators are conducting more interviews and using new technology to figure out what happened to her.

Amanda’s case is allegedly only one of four unsolved murders in her county, and her loved ones and authorities are not giving up hope that they will one day have closure.

Anyone who may have information on Amanda’s case is urged to contact the Craighead County Sheriff’s Office at (870) 935-5553.

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