She Was Offered $200,000 For Her Purebred Doberman Puppy By A Random Guy And Turned Down The Exorbitant Amount Of Cash

terry - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

If someone offered you a massive amount of money for your dog, would you give it to them?

This is the question a TikTok user asked her followers after her husband was asked to sell their purebred puppy to a random man for $200,000. Some of the answers were surprising.

Alexis Elliott (@itsalexiselliott) is a lifestyle TikTok content creator who makes a lot of videos with her adorable Doberman puppy, Remi.

Alexis is in love with Remi and often jokes about “birthing her” since she feels more like her baby than her pet. Many of us dog owners know how that feels!

Alexis and her husband were recently shocked after a random man who saw Alexis’ husband with Remi asked if they’d be willing to sell Remi to him for $200,000.

Alexis and her husband knew there was no way they’d ever sell their dog because of how much they love her, but the situation made Alexis want to see how her TikTok viewers felt about it.

“I would not sell her,” says Alexis in her video.

“But it just got me thinking. I wonder if people would’ve taken that $200k?”

While many people in Alexis’ comments section agreed with her and seconded that they’d never sell their beloved pups for any money, some more interesting comments were left on her video.

terry – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual dog

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