She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Was Late, Lied About His Height, And Got So Drunk She Had To Help Him Find His Car After Dinner

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Showing up drunk to a first date isn’t the wisest move. It guarantees that you’ll go down in history as the most horrific dating experience the other person has ever had.

TikToker Beth (@thelifeofbethchronicles) is dishing on her worst first date, where she had to help the guy find his car after dinner because he was too drunk to remember where he had parked.

She planned to go out to dinner in downtown Fort Worth with a guy for their first date. On the day of the date, she arrived at the restaurant before him.

Right after she got there, he called her in a fit of rage to explain that he would be late because of traffic, yelling at the pedestrians while on the phone with her. He also complained about not liking the downtown area even though he was the one who had picked the restaurant.

She waited outside the restaurant for him to arrive. When he finally reached the restaurant, he greeted her by roaring at her and then giving her a big hug.

To make matters worse, he had lied about his height, portraying himself online as taller than he really was. In reality, he was the same height as Beth.

Dinner was just as awkward, and she went to the bathroom twice just to get a break from him. He tried to hold her hand twice, but she pulled away both times. He was slightly upset the second time she avoided his touch.

The bill came out to be $127, which he paid. She offered to cover her half, but he declined. As they left the restaurant and made their way to the parking garage, he pretended to be mad at her as a joke. He also suggested that they go to a cigar lounge.

Beth told him she was ready to head home. The whole time, he kept trying to hold her hand. She repeatedly said no, but he stated that she didn’t have a choice and grabbed her hand in an aggressive manner.

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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