She Went On A Fancy Dinner Date With A Guy, But When It Came Time To Pay The Bill, Neither Of Their Credit Cards Worked Due To An Issue With Their Bank, So A Security Guard Actually Escorted Them To An ATM

Viktoriia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Most people have experienced a date gone wrong, but what makes a failed date even worse is having witnesses to it. TikToker @callmebiiiola went on a dinner date that was so bad she hasn’t been able to go back to that restaurant ever since.

About five or six years ago, a guy asked her on a date several times. She declined the first time, but by the second or third time, she agreed to go out with him. He wanted to take her on a late-night date to London’s highest restaurant, located forty stories above the ground in a skyscraper.

On the day of the date, he arrived late to pick her up but made up for his tardiness by being a total gentleman. The beginning of their date went well. After they were seated, they were able to chat and get to know each other more. They enjoyed a delicious three-course meal together, but when it came time to pay for dinner, the date took a nosedive.

First, he attempted to pay with his credit card, but the card wasn’t working. Then, he said he would transfer some money over to another card. However, the second card was rejected as well. Thirty minutes went by as he struggled to figure out what was happening. At that point, she offered to pay for dinner, but he wouldn’t let her.

When another fifteen minutes had passed, a waiter called the manager over to their table. The manager informed them that another couple had reserved their seats, so they needed to pay and leave right away.

She decided just to cover the bill herself once and for all, but when she tried to move some money over, she discovered that her card was also out of order and there was actually something wrong with the banks.

They told the manager that both of their cards weren’t working. After the manager repeated that they had to come up with the money somehow, her date started getting upset. He pointed out that he was wearing a $10,000 watch and that he had driven to the restaurant in a vehicle that cost $90,000. The manager countered back, revealing that he owned a fancy sports car that was sitting in the parking lot.

By that time, many people had begun to watch the entire exchange take place, catching on to the fact that they were unable to pay the bill. Finally, the manager announced that he was calling a security guard to escort them to an ATM to take out some cash. She was thoroughly and utterly humiliated. It turned out that the machines were also malfunctioning.

They were led back to the restaurant, where they had to sign a document promising to leave behind a valuable possession until they could pay the bill. Again, her date started bragging about his expensive watch, embarrassing her once more. As all this was happening, she attempted to use her card one final time, and at last, the payment went through.

Viktoriia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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