She With Out With A Disney Channel Star Who Kept Testing Her To Confirm That She Really Liked Him And Not Just His Money

When they started eating dinner, he explained that since he had been on Disney a while ago, a lot of people were under the impression that he couldn’t afford to do certain things. So, he would often test girls to make sure that they weren’t just after his money and celebrity status.

As their private dinner came to an end, he gave her two choices for what she wanted to do next. They could either go for a ride on a private jet or a stroll in the park.

She enthusiastically said she wanted to go on the private jet. At first, he agreed, but while they were packing up their stuff, she noticed that his entire demeanor had changed.

He started acting really weird. Then, he suddenly announced he wasn’t feeling well and that he would just take her home. Looking back, Kirsten realized that it was another test she didn’t pass.


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