She Wrote A Generous Check For Her Doormen As A Holiday Tip Last Year, But Someone Else Wound Up Cashing It, And The Doormen Actually Called Her Out For Not Tipping Them

But then, a few days later, she got an unexpected call from one of her doormen, who boldly told her she didn’t give anyone a Christmas tip.

The call had Kelsey taken aback, especially because she made the effort to hand off a check to someone from the building staff. As it turned out, that check never got around to her doorman.

“I checked my bank, and it had been deposited,” says Kelsey.

Kelsey figured someone had to have been lying to her about the missing check, but it didn’t sound like the doorman on the phone was lying.

She sent screenshots of her bank statements to her doorman to prove that she wasn’t lying about the check being deposited and began doing some investigating.

She was able to get the phone number of the person who had deposited the check, but it wasn’t a phone number affiliated with her building or its staff.

To this day, Kelsey still doesn’t know who deposited that check, and no one from her building ever came forward and said it was them.

Because she had lost that money, she didn’t give anymore to her building staff.

However, it left her with an “icky feeling” and was certainly a downer during her holiday season.

Most of the commenters on Kelsey’s video were other TikTok users who were shocked over the doorman who called her about not getting money.

“That’s ridiculous that they called and asked you,” commented one TikTok user.

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