She’s Accusing Hallmark Of Turning Her Holiday Travel Story Into A Movie Without Asking Her First

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Not everyone can say that a movie is based on their personal life’s events. One woman is accusing the Hallmark Channel of ripping off her holiday travel story and turning it into a Christmas movie.

Last year during the holiday season, TikToker Alanah (@alanahstory21) shared about how her flight was canceled, which left her and her family stranded in Orlando.

She and a bunch of strangers banded together to rent a passenger van to make the eight-hour trek back to Tennessee.

Alanah documented the road trip on TikTok, recording each person introducing themselves and explaining the reason they needed to get to Tennessee.

While on their adventure, the group bonded, and unlikely friendships were formed. The video racked up 4.3 million views and gained a lot of attention from major media news outlets.

One year later, Alanah was shocked to discover that Hallmark had released a new movie called “Holiday Road” on November 24th.

She claimed that the film’s plot was identical to the journey she had originally posted about online. On December 7th, she uploaded a new video, comparing the scenes from the movie trailer to certain details from her own experience.

When Alanah and her fellow travelers, who she still keeps in touch with, found out about the movie, they were really upset at first.

She says the network never reached out to the original van passengers to show their recognition or offer compensation for using their story.

aprilante – – illustrative purposes only

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