She’s Allergic To Dogs, Which Is Why She Won’t Let Her Niece’s New Pup Come Over Her House, But Her Family Believes She’s Being Unreasonable

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This 34-year-old woman currently lives in her own home.

“That I’ve painstakingly renovated to be allergy-friendly due to my severe pet allergies,” she said.

However, she has a niece named Emily, who is 10-years-old. And recently, Emily got a dog, and her niece absolutely adores the pup.

That’s why whenever Emily visits her house, her niece always wants to bring the dog along. Her brother and sister-in-law, Emily’s parents, also support the idea of bringing the pup to visit.

“Saying it would be good for Emily to spend more time with family along with her new pet,” she explained.

But, while she really loves her niece and wants her niece to feel welcome and comfortable in her home, she just isn’t on board with that.

After all, having a dog in her house could trigger her allergies and cause her to deal with some “significant” health problems.

She tried to tell her brother that, too. However, he claimed that she could just take some allergy medications in order to lessen her allergic reaction.

He also argued that it’s more important for Emily to feel as though her dog is accepted by everyone in the family.

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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