She’s Allergic To Dogs, Which Is Why She Won’t Let Her Niece’s New Pup Come Over Her House, But Her Family Believes She’s Being Unreasonable

Some of her other relatives have taken her brother’s side, too, accusing her of acting “unreasonable.” In fact, they believe that she should just make an exception for her niece.

“And they suggest that Emily’s happiness and inclusion are more important than my discomfort,” she revealed.

She has spoken to some of her own friends, though, and those who are aware of her health struggles think that it’s totally understandable why she wouldn’t want a dog in her house.

Nonetheless, her family members are still upset with her over this. So now, she can’t help but wonder if refusing to allow her niece to bring the pup over to her house is really a jerky thing to do.

Can you understand why she doesn’t want a dog in her house if she’s severely allergic? Why do you think her family views her niece’s dog as more important than her health? What would you do if you were in her shoes?

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