She’s Not Forcing Her Daughter To Go To A Birthday Party For Her Ex’s Adopted Daughter, But Her Ex Won’t Stop Pushing

natasnow - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

Earlier this year, a woman’s ex and his now-wife adopted a 7-year-old girl. Tomorrow, her ex’s daughter is turning 8. She and her ex had a daughter together, and his adopted daughter loves their daughter.

Unfortunately, their daughter doesn’t feel as enthusiastic about hanging out with her, but she is always friendly.

“My ex was expecting me to let our daughter be with him and their family on her birthday,” she said.

However, their daughter had already made plans prior to this to go on a vacation in the mountains with her friend’s family.

Her daughter left for the trip yesterday, and they wouldn’t be returning until later in the afternoon on the day after her ex’s daughter’s birthday.

Since the holidays are coming up and she has so much going on, their daughter felt like she’d be too busy to see her father until two days after Christmas.

“My ex is insisting that this is too long to wait and that his other daughter will be crushed that my daughter is not there on her birthdays,” she explained.

Sadly, her ex’s adopted daughter has felt incredibly neglected on her birthday over the years, so he and his wife were hoping to make her birthday this year extra special.

In order to achieve this, her ex seems to believe that it’s pivotal for their daughter to attend the celebration.

natasnow – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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