She’s Refusing To Let Her Homeless Mother-In-Law Move In With Them Again Because She Won’t Quit Smoking

simona - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Before this woman met her husband back in 2020, he decided to purchase a home for both himself and his mother– who was newly divorced at the time.

And since her husband had to travel often for work, his mother practically lived there alone, completely free, starting in 2019. Then, this continued up until her husband sold the house in 2020 due to the big boom in real estate.

At that point, her husband opted to just move in with her following the sale of his house. However, this left her mother-in-law homeless.

So, her mother-in-law wound up living with some other family members for a while.

“But my mother-in-law overstayed her welcome and begged us to take her in,” she recalled.

She and her husband agreed to that, too, and in November of 2021, her mother-in-law moved in. However, they both had one condition: if her mother-in-law was going to live with them, then her mother-in-law needed to stop smoking.

For context, she has a son who suffers from severe asthma. So, making sure that there was no smoke in the house was a non-negotiable term for her.

Anyway, her mother-in-law agreed to that and claimed to have stopped smoking. But she soon discovered that she had been blatantly lied to.

“We found my mother-in-law not only sneaking cigarettes but using my husband’s credit card to buy them as well,” she revealed.

simona – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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