She’s Upset About Her Husband Commenting On The Amount Of Food On Her Plate Because She Has A History Of Food Issues

fizkes - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 58-year-old woman and her husband, 61, will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary at the beginning of next year.

Throughout their entire marriage, she has requested her husband not to comment on the food she chooses to eat or what she has on her plate.

Her husband is a wonderful man and a great person to travel with. They have a blast traveling together on an almost full-time basis.

“He, however, says he forgets when he mentions things and says that I need to get over it,” she said.

In her husband’s view, it’s not a huge issue that he forgets not to make remarks about her food, but it would mean a lot for him to listen to her and respect her request for him to stop making these types of comments.

When she was a child, her mother suffered from bulimia, and later on, she also struggled with food.

Her mother sometimes told her to remember to suck in her stomach to look skinnier.

By the time she was 10-years-old, she was already using diet products, and at 11, she started taking diet pills.

She stopped this behavior once she was a teenager, but from there, she began restricting her calories.

fizkes – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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