She’s Wanted To Get Plastic Surgery For Years, But Her Husband Doesn’t Support Her

carlesiturbe - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Two years ago, this 31-year-old woman tied the knot with her 32-year-old husband, and they have been together for five years in total. They have no children and are planning on remaining child-free.

She was born in America, and she is Chinese. She has always wanted to get plastic surgery, specifically double eyelid surgery.

“I am not saying that smaller eyes or monolids cannot be attractive (I know lots of people who have them, and they are beautiful), but I don’t think they’re attractive on me,” she explained.

“I haven’t had any cosmetic surgeries…and I am not naturally conventionally beautiful, but I do a lot to improve my appearance. I’m in really good shape, take really good of my skin, hair, teeth, etc., and have become so good at styling hair and doing makeup that I’ve done 5 friends’ makeup for their weddings at their requests.”

“However, no matter what I do, my eyes bother me, and while I can change the way they look with makeup, I don’t want to have to pack it on to feel pretty. I’m fine with the rest of my features without makeup, but I’ve always been self-conscious about my eyes.”

She has saved up enough money to pay for the surgery, and she has worked on getting courageous enough to finally book it.

She told her husband about this, but he is completely against her going under the knife. He also mentioned that any time he finds out a woman has had plastic surgery, he no longer believes they are attractive.

She knows this is not true, as all of her husband’s favorite female celebs have all gotten a lot of work done, as have all of the women in their neighborhood that her husband is attracted to.

Not only is double eyelid surgery super common in Asia, but she says it’s common where she’s from in America too, and approximately 80% of the girls she knows have had work done.

carlesiturbe – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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