Sick Of Seeing One Wedding Announcement After Another Flooding Your Feed? Here’s How To Cope Amidst “Engagement Season,” Regardless Of Whether You Really Want To Tie The Knot

svitlychnaja - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Not only have we entered the holiday season, but we’ve also entered a time known as ‘cuffing season.’

If you didn’t know, cuffing season is when single people seek out relationships and romantic partners. It typically goes from the late fall into the new year, as people are looking for someone to spend time with during the colder months.

With cuffing season also comes another season…engagement season.

Something about the holidays and the cozy vibes surrounding it makes people want to pop the question and get engaged. If you’re around 23 and older, don’t be surprised when you start to see more engagement announcements on your social media feed as we get further into the winter.

Then, of course, when engagement announcements come out, friends and relatives use them as an excuse to nitpick or investigate your love life. For instance, have you ever had an older relative ask you, “Did you see your cousin got engaged? When are you finally going to settle down?”

For single people or people who’ve found themselves in ‘situationships,’ engagement season can be pretty brutal, whether it be because you are envious of those getting engaged or tired of everyone making a big deal out of someone else’s engagement.

So, here are some tips for surviving the emotional havoc engagement season may wreak! 

Set firm boundaries with nosy friends or relatives

If you have a relative who is using someone else’s engagement news as an excuse to start asking invasive questions about your relationship status or make you feel bad about not getting married, set boundaries with them!

svitlychnaja – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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