Some Of Her Employees Make More Than Her, And She’s The Founder Of A Startup

NDABCREATIVITY - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

In today’s corporate world, it’s rare to see CEOs getting paid less money than some of their employees.

However, some executives out there are saying that it’s a much more ethical and reasonable choice to have a lower salary than some of their employees.

One of those executives is Chelsea Fagan (@faganchelsea), an author, editor, content creator, and CEO of her company, The Financial Diet.

Chelsea recently went viral after explaining in a TikTok video why she gets paid less than some of the other employees in her company, even though she’s a CEO, and people are recognizing that her reasoning makes a lot of sense.

Chelsea reveals in her video that she is the fifth highest-paid person at her company, which she co-founded, and has a base salary of $90,000. She also explains that she doesn’t like to talk about her salary and lower pay because she doesn’t want to come off as a martyr.

So, why did Chelsea decide to accept a lower salary as an executive?

“First of all, on an ethical level, the idea that executives just deserve to be paid orders of magnitude more than the average employee is obscene and not true,” says Chelsea.

“You will never be able to convince me that the average executive works harder than, like, a person being paid minimum wage at that company.”

Chelsea goes on to explain that on a practical level, having to support an executive with an overly massive salary can also put financial strain on a company.

NDABCREATIVITY – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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