Struggling To Curate A Wardrobe That Feels Like “You?” Here Are Some Tips And Tricks For Nailing Down Your Own Personal Style

When it comes to finding your personal style, it’s necessary to try new things. It may feel scary at first since you’re not used to seeing yourself in certain pieces, but it’s okay to start small. If neutral tones are your go-to, try branching out with a pop of color. Or, if you like oversized clothing, opt for something more form-fitting.

Have A Clothing Rack

A clothing rack is a useful tool to have around for experimenting with new pieces. It helps you assemble outfits because you can hang the corresponding pieces together and easily remove and replace things to your liking. In addition, it allows you to display clothes you want to remember to wear. Sometimes, clothes can get lost in the void of your closet, and a clothing rack will bring them to the forefront of your mind.

Clean Out Your Closet Regularly

The more clothes you have, the more it feels like you have nothing to wear. Clean out your closet regularly instead of waiting for it to pile up. That way, the clutter won’t be clouding your fashion visions. There’s no point in keeping stuff that doesn’t fit or that you don’t like.

Use The Three-Word Method

The three-word method is simple. It was coined by a fashion stylist based in New York named Allison Bornstein. All you need to do is describe your personal style using three adjectives. This strategy can help you figure out the style you currently have as well as the style you’re striving to achieve. Once you come up with three words, ask yourself if the new pieces you bought and the clothes you already own fall under those categories.

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