These Six Annual Flowers Are Perfect For Pots And Practically Impossible To Kill

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Do you want to liven up your space with some color without adding a ton of work to your plate? If so, you’re in luck because there are actually certain flowers that seem practically designed for busy lifestyles.

Super resilient and requiring minimal upkeep, these annual flowers are ideal whether you’re a gardening pro or just starting out. Plus, they are simply vibrant and beautiful.

So, if you’re aiming for a stunning display with minimal effort, consider picking up one of these annual flowers that are perfect for pots and nearly impossible to kill.

Marigolds: The Sunny Survivors

Marigolds are the superheroes of the flower world. With their bright, cheerful blooms in shades of yellow and orange, they can light up any space.

They aren’t fussy about soil, either, and can actually handle a bit of neglect.

Just place them in a sunny spot, give them a moderate amount of water, and watch them thrive.

Bonus point: they’re great at repelling pests, making them a gardener’s best friend.

Petunias: The Colorful Cascaders

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